If you have read any of my other posts you may have realised I love and use Aeon Timeline for my Fiction timelines and my project management.

Here are 3 Reasons how the Relationship View feature can save you time and keep you on track with your story.

After Outlining my story, I then switch to Relationship View to review before I sync with Scrivener and start writing.


1. Use Group By to filter

Filter your scenes by ARC, using the Group By icon and you can quickly see any anomalies.

  • Coffee Shop is NOT an ARC it should be a location.
  • Plus, I’m a bit light on the Romance for a Romance novel.

2. Who are your scene Participants & Observers?

Keeping track of your characters can be tricky, especially if you are writing a series.

Look at your scenes with the view of Participant and Observer to review how active your characters are.

3. Viewing Scenes as a List

Moving away from the timeline view and creating a list of scenes is another way to review your story.  Does it make sense when you view your scenes in a list?

Are you an Aeon Timeline user?

Do you use any of these methods for self-editing your timeline?

If you don’t use Aeon Timeline, what method do you use? I’m always curious about other authors’ methods.

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