Have you recently updated to Mojave on your Mac?

Did you choose the Dark mode when you last updated Evernote to your desktop?
Did you know you can choose to view the notes section in Light mode with the rest of Evernote set in Dark Mode?
Yes, you can!
  • Go to Evernote > Preferences
  • Choose General
  • Select the tick box for “Use Light Mode for notes”

To change your settings back, simply unselect the “Use Light Mode for notes” checkbox and it’s all Dark Mode.

What is your preference?  Dark Mode or Light Mode?

For me it depends on the app.  I don’t like the dark background when I have a lot of text to write/read.  I’m trying different options, and curious what you use?

Drop me a comment on your preferences – let’s see if the majority like Dark mode or Light mode.

If you are new to Evernote or would like to discover more, compare your options here.

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