Learn to be Tech Savvy

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Find all the resources you need in one place.  Learn to be Tech Savvy and then use those new skills to improve your own processes.  Whether it’s being more confident to use DropBox, or understanding the terminology for SEO to creating your own Author or Blogger Website.


Learn to be Tech Savvy

The Learn to be Tech Savvy course is full of current, relevant and useful Tutorials and Demonstrations to give you overviews and detailed instructions on how to use apps and processes best suited for Authors, Writers and Bloggers.  The plan is to provide information and examples for use so you can make a decision on which apps will best suit your creative processes.

The ultimate aim is to automate what is practical so you can spend more of your time being creative, and less on busy-work tasks.

Full Course Details here: Learn to be Tech Savvy page.

Included are Tutorials and Demonstrations on the following topics:

  1. Cloud Storage / Backup     |     4 Tutorials
  2. Image Capture     |     3 Tutorials
  3. Timelines, Brainstorming and Plotting     |     3 Tutorials
  4. Scrivener Tips n Tricks     |     1 Tutorial
  5. Grammarly – Tips for Self-Editing     |     1 Tutorial
  6. Keeping Track of Research     |     2 Tutorials
  7. Website Creation     |     3 Tutorials
  8. Processes that Work     |     2 Tutorials



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