Writers Package I

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Course Access: January 2019

Learn Aeon Timeline – Deluxe provides:

  • an easy to follow and practical online tutorial packed full of videos
  • worksheets
  • transcripts; and
  • downloads to get you plotting and outlining quickly

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Writers Package I

The Learn Aeon Timeline – Deluxe course takes you through navigating your timelines, setting up your own templates, how to customise to suit your plotting/writing style and syncing with Scrivener and the IOS version. Once you have your manuscript ready for the world, you can also use Aeon Timeline to project manage your marketing launch.  Aeon Timeline 2 is an awesome software application for the creatives out there.  Whether you are an Author, Writer or Blogger (or a combination of all 3), you will enjoy the timeline features as well as the project management features.

What is Aeon Timeline

With one (1) tool you can:

  • plot your next manuscript
  • outline it complete with character links, locations, notes, links, relationships, ARC’s and more
  • sync with Scrivener or Ulysses and you have your chapters/scenes already to go
  • re-sync as you write and utilise Aeon Timeline to help you with 1st edits and sense checking events your timeline.

Full Course Details Learn Aeon Timeline

Additional information


Purchase of Aeon Timeline 2 (for Mac & Windows) and/or IOS version required by students prior to commencing this course.

Note: IOS version is optional. It is only required if student wants to utilise syncing with this app. All course materials can be viewed without this option.


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