Why I’ve been MIA

Today I wanted to share why I’ve been MIA (missing in action).

I’ve been struggling to get over Glandular Fever for quite some time now.  I apparently contracted it sometime in the past but doctors can’t say exactly when.  I suspect it was approx. 2 years ago because I remember a time when I was constantly battling a virus.  Which is all I thought it was.


Add Glandular Fever to my fast approaching 50th B’day and I’m feeling quite old these days.  I also use to drink quite a lot of alcohol in my youth and have continued to drink quite a lot of coffee up until very recently.  Now that my body is a tad older it can’t cope with what I’ve been putting into it and it’s been rebelling by slowing down on me.

I’ve had to accept that to maintain my standard of life and regain energy I must change my diet, which can no longer include Coffee and must also greatly reduce sugar.

Not necessarily bad things to remove, but I’ve had to rethink my social times.  No more wine, Tia Maria, very little chocolate and no coffee breaks at all.

Then a few weeks ago someone I crossed paths with so kindly shared a bronchial coughing virus that sent me backwards in a big way.  All my plans for launching online courses had to be put on hold.  My focus had to be me and my family.

So I’m sorry if you were waiting on the Oct 18 launches of Learn Aeon Timeline and the Starter Package both full of great content.

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    Feeling Good Again

    I’m now eating right, I’m meditating and starting yoga.  Mind, Body and Spirit are aligning and I’m back to preparing your courses.

    I hope you can wait because I know they’ll be awesome and so relevant to all Writers, Authors and Bloggers giving you practical tutorials and suggestions on not just what software to use but HOW to use it and, more importantly, HOW to use it with your other software to create your own system that works for you!

    Courses Coming Soon

    Courses are planned to start launching during Dec 18 and if you would like to receive a heads up (and a Discount for getting onto the waiting list), please sign up and Stay Informed.

    I’m currently working on the Learn Aeon Timeline online course which will include tutorials in both Mac and Windows.  I know how frustrating it is to watch someone demonstrate just what you want to learn but on the wrong version to you.  Then when you go to try it yourself everything looks different and you end up more confused than before you started.

    Season Celebrations

    How are you going with your end of year preparations?

    Are you looking forward to a Winter or a Summer season?

    It’s summer here in Queensland, Australia and as usual, we will have family over and have a seafood and salad lunch with cool drinks and likely a swim to cool off.

    Let me know your plans, I’d love to hear how you are spending this time.

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