Yep, that is correct.  I see flying coffee in my future, don’t you?

I recently attended the Women in Tech conference in Sydney, and I was super impressed with all the women speakers. They were all confident impressive women experienced in their field, and their messages were really well presented.  As you can imagine this type of conference is all about the about Tech and women, and I was really impressed to hear about how what our futures will be like. That is, in the next 1-5 years.

Now you might not believe me when I say that one of the speakers had a question from the floor at the end of her presentation asking about coffee deliveries to staff in the workplace via drones. I instantly laughed to myself and thought it was a joke at the end of the session.

I was so wrong.  The speaker was Rianne Van Veldhuizen from IBM Asia Pacific and she confirmed this is a real thing.  Yep, IBM has actually developed a drone that will bring you coffee when it senses you need it.  So let’s just think about that – how does it know when you need it?  Apparently, the drone can identify the “cognitive state” of office workers and lower cups of coffee on an “unspooling string”.

Boom mind blown!  Now I don’t know about you but on the surface I’d be really happy to receive a cup of coffee if I need one, but in reality how many drones are going to be flying around the office airspace, what will it sound like, how many spilled cups of coffee could there be?  Hopefully not on my head.

Here is a link to a post from the BBC News explaining in more detail. It’s real and it’s happening people.

Do you think, if you work in an office, would you like a drone to deliver your coffee?

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