Learn Aeon Timeline

Are you a Writer who wants to really get to grips with Aeon Timeline and plan your Outline for your next novel?

How about a Blogger wanting to project plan a Virtual Book Tour, or multiple book tours?

Learning how to create a timeline is useful for so many aspects of writing and planning.  Start with the basics, then build on this to finally tackle those advanced features you thought were all smoke and mirrors settings.

Visually create the outline for your story, complete with character profiles, location settings (include images, websites for research and links) and then sync it all to Scrivener or Ulysses to really get that head start on your manuscript.

Note: Syncing with Ulyssess in not yet included inside Learn Aeon Timeline, but if you are interested in this training, please drop me an email and I can let you know when that Module will be included.

What’s Included

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to Starting with Aeon Timeline
  • Navigating the various menus and features
  • Understand the Concepts and Terminology used by the application and how it relates to a writer or blogger
  • Undertand all the features (fields) within The Inspector
  • Discover Standard Calendars and how to create your own Custom Calendar (great for Fantasy and Sci Fi genres)

1hr [Basic & Deluxe levels]

Module 2: Creating a Timeline

  • Learn to Navigate an existing Timeline and Create your own
  • Discover what is included in the Standard Templates available within Aeon Timeline
  • Learn to create your own Timeline Template to save you time when creating future timelines for similar timelines or for a book series

1hr [Basic & Deluxe levels]

Module 3: Working with Your Timeline

  • Discover some time saving tricks when creating your own Events (Chapters/Scenes) and how to maintain them easily
  • Learn the options with Character development and how to store a character profile, images and easily check their age – brilliant for stories with a large time span
  • Add Relationships between Characters, Events and Locations
  • Switch between Timeline and Relationship views to assist with Self-Editing your Plot
  • Discover how to Filter on all views to really focus in on the section you are writing about now

1hr 30min [Basic & Deluxe levels]

Module 4: Advanced Timeline Management

  • Once you have your basics nailed, it’s time to learn some of the more advanced Settings
  • Manager your Entities (Characters, Locations, ‘things’ in your story)
  • Discover if adding Tags can assist with your Filter views (from Module 3)
  • Update your Preferences, for each timeline or for all timelines – you choose!
  • We’ll also throw in some printing options for those who like the had copy to work with

1hr [Basic & Deluxe levels]

Module 5: Syncing with/and using the iOS version

  • If you are on the move, or plotting on your commute to the day job, the IOS version of Aeon Timeline could be just the app for you.
  • Learn to create, update and maintain your timelines (with all the learnings from the previous modules) on the IOS version
  • Discover how to sync 1 source of your timeline on multiple devices and app versions

1hr [Basic & Deluxe levels]

Module 6: Syncing with Scrivener

  • Learn to sync:
    • a new Timeline with a new Scrivener Project
    • an existing Timeline with a new Scrivener Project
    • an existing Scrivener Project with a new Timeline
  • Follow this with re-syncing as you work through both your timeline and your Scrivener Project
  • Discover how to sync 1 source of your timeline on multiple devices and app versions

1hr 30min [Deluxe level only]

Module 7: Bonus Materials

  • Export your timeline as an image
  • Share you timeline with a user (or an editor, writing partner) who doesn’t use Aeon Timeline and give them a browser-based interactive timeline to view
  • How to Plot a series in a single timeline and plot to a single or multiple Scrivener Projects

1hr [Deluxe level only]

Module 8: Resources & Templates

  • Find all the Templates and Downloads discussed in this online course for your own use
  • Templates for Writers
    • various plotting of genre options
  • Templates for Authors
    • project planning book tours, launches, marketing
  • Templates for Bloggers
    • Editorial Calendar planning, Blog marketing

[Deluxe level only]

Kylie Ross


Kylie has spent many years as a user of Aeon Timeline from it’s very 1st version.

With her background as a trainer in the corporate world she delivers easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to replicate instructions.

You will enjoy the pace of this course and become a proficient user sooner than you thought.

Course Pre-Requisites

Learn Aeon Timeline takes a student through how to use Aeon Timeline on either a Mac, PC or IOS version (or all 3).

Students will need to have purchased, downloaded and installed their preferred version(s) prior to starting this course.

Where to Find Aeon Timeline

Aeon Timeline

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