What do you have in your Writers ToolKit? I have a few favourites I’ve been using for many years now. Read on to Learn the Tech Tools inside my Writers Toolkit.

My writing journey is all about Romance Fiction that tends to include a mix of genres – Contemporary, Paranormal, Time Travel, Historical and probably a few others before I’m through. I’m not yet a published author, but have been learning my craft and getting closer to that WIP becoming a finished novel. Soon, baby, soon. In the meantime I tend to look for alternatives to ‘busy work’ and incorporate apps and software to make my life run more smoothly and efficiently so I can spend more time writing whenever possible.

Below is a sneak peak into my writing world where you can learn the tech tools inside my Writers Toolkit.

My Writers ToolKit:

  • Writing:
    • Scrivener is my only choice.
      • Mainly it’s the mac version (and currently on Scrivener 3) and sync throughDrop Box to edit on the train to my day job using the IOS version.
      • I also sync to the Windows version on my work laptop. Sometimes I travel for my day job and manage a bit of writing while waiting for a plane or riding the train.
    • Aeon Timeline
      • This writers timeline software is the BEST!. It’s awesome for outlining and seeing how all the characters and scenes fit into my timeline. Way  better than excel (which I started with).
      • My current WIP has some events from a distant past meshing with the present, so I need to be clear where everything sits.
  • Syncing and Cloud Backup:
  • Book Covers and Images for Blogging:
    • Canva. I currently use the free version
  • Calendar, Address book and Reminders:
    • I use to use a piece of software that combined them all and was great for project management. Which, when I was a self-employed consultant I needed it, but now my focus is on becoming a published author myself, I’m streamlining my costs and my apps.
    • Now I use the standard Calendar, Address Book and Reminders on my Mac.
    • Yep, it’s gotta be in there. As well as trying to find writing time around a day job, I’m also a solo mum to my son and a couple of fur-babies.  They really keep me busy.

What is in your Writers Toolkit?

As a writer, is there something techie you would like to understand better? Is there something lacking from your Writers ToolKit? What would you like to add to it? Like:

  • What is the Cloud?
  • Is there a difference between OneDrive, Google Drive and Drop Box?
  • What writing software is available to writers, other than Word? Is it easy to use?

I would love to hear more about what Techie Tools you’d like to understand or see a demo of for your Writers ToolKit.

Is there something you would like to add?

Drop me your suggestions and I’ll possibly add them to a future post.

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